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Lovin Life
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Saturday, May 4, 2013

The adventures of....

I think the title should say Chasity & Christian's newest adventures/ blog, as I log in and it says only my name. Not really fair to my husband because without him, there would be no us!
Today was a HUGE success, actually worth getting out of bed for! My husband, Christian had his driving test in Columbus with DOT. This is HUGE, due to in fact we cannot start our next adventure without this part. He has accepted employment (for as much as accepted gets without being there yet) he leaves May 13th for HOTLANTA and will be gone for 2 months, give or take training. From there you will be living vicariously... I say that with the deepest love in my heart, we have facebook friends whom have told us, they love to read what we are doing on facebook, where we are going and what we are up to next. As facebook has alot of our friends, I think it has some of our enemies, drama kings and queens who just like to be in our business. SO, with this blog, I invite all who want to follow us on our adventures to please do so... We openly accept all types of friends!! & frenemies!!
So as you will see my posts and within my posts are just as random as my thoughts in my brain. Probably more than anything this blog will accomplish is so I am able to re read back through it in future years to tell the stories, I want to tell but have long forgot due to my senility. I have a story to tell about that, our current neighbor, I will call him Mr Jack- NO LIE, upon introduction of meeting this ole man he introduces him self and his wife and tells his age as 76, then as the introduction goes on he tells us he is 74 and it changes again quickly and says "well I have had a stroke or 2" so "I don't really know how old I am" so not to fault an ole man, everyday without fail he brings his dogs into our front yard to take a shit, of course out our front window we can watch him and the dogs. He frequently wanders around our side of the house with his dogs, initially we often wondered and talked between ourselves about it and how it aggravated us. Until one day, as we are too in our front yard and his dogs wander over to take care of business, as he has trained them to do, he yells at the dogs and demands them back to his yard and isn't understanding why they would be in our yard. Well lets see.... scratching our heads... we used to pick (between ourselves) but we have decided it, that we are not getting any younger and I often ask my husband, "who are you, what are you doing...? huumm, what... shiny..." we have decided that this blog is a great idea to tell what ever we want, while we still can train our dogs to shit in our own backyard!
I told you all of that to tell you, that Christian has permission to post as he is out on the road and update US, on his adventures while I am still here on the homefront for a "bit"..So more on this recent adventure undertaking and it coming abouts..
Did I say that we BOTH had original plans for nursing school and upon graduation of nursing school, we were planning to travel the country as traveling nurses... that is how we met originally, I was traveling in Vermont and he was a correctional officer II in the prison I was sent to. That should be its own blog all itself... I should name it, KARMA, there is an untold story there as well.. But back to the current blog, so Plan B was that if we didn't make it through nursing school our other option to continue to travel was to go to truck driving school and travel that way.
Well, you guessed it... one of us didn't make it.. actually both of us. After Christian what they call double D'd out, which means he cannot progress on for another 5 years. He pursued me to continue on, and I did for another semester. But my heart wasn't in it. I did not want to do this without him, that was not our original plans.
Hell, if you knew we do ALMOST everything together. Like that time in New Hampshire, I always wanted a purple motorcycle after my first graduation in nursing school as an LPN, I always said once I got through that (and it was complete HELL) I would have a purple motorcycle. Two small problems, I had never driven my own motorcycle and after graduating nursing school then, I had married an idiot who said I would kill myself on it and he would never agree to me buying a motorcycle. Good thing, I divorced his ass. So as Christian and I was dating, we drove down to Manchester, that was the nearest "happening place" in New England from where we both lived and we happened into a motorcycle shop, and we mingled around and looked at some stuff... I'm really not sure why on earth we was in there, but of course I said "yea, I would really love to have a purple motorcycle", well long story short, we ended up buying a purple motorcycle that day and a white one too!! So for the man who won my heart, taught me to ride a motorcycle too. And so the adventure... BEGAN
Our motto was while we was dating... this isn't JUST a relationship, its an adventure. The same holds true only now we say marriage!

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