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Lovin Life
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Saturday, May 11, 2013

It's Officially, Official!!!

Two days ago the husband and I set out bound for Atlanta with the newest adventures in mind! Text messages this AM, confirmed all the hard work will have surely paid off.. Of course in weekly increments. Werner and husband are now one, and I couldn't be a happier girl, of course the bill collectors will be a tad happier!

What some would say as a nitemare in the making, as we made our way up to Atlanta on Thursday was, as we see all the Werner trucks at the hotel and people, lots of people standing around smoking. Unlike any hotel I have ever seen, course it could have been that we are not the BIG city kind of folks and generally do not like people that much to just hang out. We really didn't know what we was getting into. This company sends you a preemployment offer, hell we was thinking the offer was on our end. AS it turns out we was wrong the offer was on their end, after they get you up there and look you over with a microscope, then they determine if your Werner Worthy and you either get a STAY/ HOLD or your HIRED!! My husband proudly accepted the your HIRED badge today!

So we have had alot of officially the adventure begins today... BUT this time its really Officially, Official! He is supposed to be picked up by a trainer on Tuesday AM, fingers crossed and tons of prayers that it really happens that way. As I am anxious to get his phone of his happenings as each day passes.

The pups and I are sad to have to sleep alone, but they had no problem keeping me on my side of the bed last nite. We are in hopes that the tons of paperwork piled on my desk from KSU and VA will surely keep me busy for the month of May, not counting my regular work schedule, as I am still training to which I am sure is my replacement! It is all good, plan B is in full effect!

Fingers crossed still, that all works out and by the end of the year our dream of relocating to North Georgia in the mountains will be a reality! Until then, back to reality of what the northern family would say as "flatlander" living!!

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