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Lovin Life
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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Third Rate Romance..

I am trying my best to keep this blog updated, as I am aware that I have directed the kids and families attention to it in order to keep up with us and "dad" for some... But I declare war this week! If it wasn't for bad luck, I swear (and I do that ALOT), I would have no LUCK! Thankfully, I was tempted into a little indiscrection with a "third rate romance" with the hottest man around! I won't give you all of the details, but I will tell you this, he called me at work on Friday AM and told me he and his trainer were bound for Cornersville, TN and due to his trainer being "out of hours" he was going to be in a hotel for 2 days while his trainer was home. So that was the GREEN light, I left work early, as I usually do when I am caught up. Packed the pups, and off we went to what was supposed to be a 6 hour drive one way. UGGH, and the rain and traffic and idiots among us... So through Birmingham I go.. The weather was terrible, but nothing was gonna slow me down. Seven hours later, I arrive at Cornersville, TN with my husband anxiously awaiting our arrival... Well the rest you know how the song goes....
Saturday morning, we are determined to get some coffee and breakfast. It wasn't going to happen where we were staying, only thing here was several gas stations. Nearest civilization was 12 or so miles up the road, so we head off to Lewisburg. Get breakfast at the local Shoney's and of course all the local, late nite, early am drunks join us too. To our right, we have a "couple" fine upstanding persons with hickies the size of Texas on both of their necks, still wearing last nites juking shorts and neon tops with the typical "I just got fucked" smile. I know the look. To the rear is the "couple" where the guy says really "you gonna wear that" we are just going to Shoneys, and the gal looks as she belongs of the cover of Vogue, she spent that much time on her hair. You know those kind too! And of course my husband and I, in very comfortable shorts, tops and famous flip flops! Gotta love those southern folks!
Oh, let me not forget the part about the tires... OH MY, so in the rain and traffic the car (I took the big car, not the SMART) hoping for a good ride, because the SMART isn't for long rides, especially with the lil dogs. Well, so much for the good ride, the roads were terrible- hell I felt like I was back in New England with how bad the roads felt. I even got out and looked at the tires a few times, I felt like I was skidding several times. So after breakfast, husband needed some things before heading back out on Sunday so we decided to head to Wal Mart and get an oil change and pick up his "to do list". He is walking around the car with guy and says "yeah Honey, I guess the car was acting up" UGGGH, he advises we need 2 new tires... NICE, is my southern "bless your heart" or others, not another damn thing! So here we are in who the hell knows or BFTennessee, getting tires so I can get home on Sunday. So another long story, ends with we literally drive the tires off our vehicles...
So on Sunday... the end of my third rate romance with my infamous husband as he and his trainer set their sights on Baton Rouge my husband would say with his freeench accent, low..

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