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Lovin Life
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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Equally good news on the Homefront

As my husband has now learned how to post here, he is updating ya''ll on his end of stuff, although I may occasionally put something in too. Well, good news from the hubby indicated he may be getting off the trainers truck and into his own sooner than we expected.. thats what all those crazy numbers of driving time equated too. So as it stands he is looking at the 18-21 of June to possibly being dropped off in ATL for his "test out" and given an assigned truck, after that one load and he is home for several days!!

So good news on the homefront, April & Dom had their not sure 3rd or 4th baby appointment, and as I have hoped all along that we could have a grandson, it seems that may be more possible than it was the day before we got a "looks like a boy". Of course of all the phone calls made to make annoucements to the grands, I was the only one whoooping and hollarring. I think everyone else wanted a girl. I look at it like this, Robyn has a girl, Jenifer has a girl, and they are both currently trying to get pregnant now. So let me have this little boy. As we don't see the grands much, due to the distance, I love them all the same and have plans to take them all to Disney or Universal when they are big enough to enjoy it. Plus, I have to work on the husband- I have put the idea in his head, TRUE Story- when I come up with these crazy ideas like taking the grands somewhere like that, I have to plant the idea and let it simmer. For instance, I have been saying for about 5 years now, lets get all the kids- family together and rent a beach house in like the Carolinas or someplace not so unbearably hot and easy enough to commute for all the kids/family and hang out for a week. I have always wanted this.. But with how the kids constantly bickered between them, he always said NO, it would not be as enjoyable as I think. Well, literally it has been 5 years, and he has finally agreed to try to get them all together sometime and do this. We have no plans in stone yet, but when we do, all will know. My 3 youngest uncles did this with their wives and family, rented a place on the cape? I think is where it was, and years later I seen pictures and videos and they had a blast. Sad part, since then one of them, Mark is now gone as he commited suicide some years back. But thankfully they have those crazy late nite truth or dare videos to share! So the moral of that story is, I have put a bug in the husbands ear to take the grands to a "theme park". But he isn't done simmering yet, and of course while he simmers they get older so it will be more memorable and fun for them!

More good news, Dominique has gotten a job offer... WE are incrediably happy about this. Times are tough and gettting a job is gettting tougher. He starts today for orientation at Wal Mart. April and Dom will be unbeleivably busy as they are sharing a car to get to work for both of them and April is busy back in school too! They can do it. I have always tried to push my kids to do more and do it better than myself. I have accomplished alot coming from my background, so there is no doubt they will make it, given some hard times and alot of hard work.

So good news from my huney maybe coming home earlier than expected. April is back in school. Dom has a job.
So what have I been doing, working, working, working, maintaining the homefront while the husband is away. Oh, yeah Joanns had a big sale and I was able to get to some hobby time!! Before my hubby left he knew how bad I wanted a new sewing machine, so before he left I got one! And just in time for a new baby, so I have had busy spurts of sewing baby diapers, blankets and bath towels. The first set of diapers was monkeys and bananas, April cut me off on the first set, she really wanted to know the sex before I started working on the next size up. Well we already know that the robots and dinosoars are in our future!

All of this good news puts us closer to our goal!! WE have hopes of relocating to north Ga, although recently my hubby has said, look in Tennessee, the land is lots cheaper.. So as a good wife, I have done just that. I submitted to him some properties that have breathtaking views with 1 or 2 bedroom camping like cabins on them! As you may or may not know, our ultimate goal is to have a lil farm family with 10+ acres and try to get off the grid as much as we possibly can. We have had several dates to do this by, but the dates keep getting pushed back for one reason or another. We know, we are taking care of and when it is supposed to happen IT WILL.

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