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Lovin Life
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Monday, April 29, 2013

Typical Day, NEVER!

I am determined to continue to update this blog, I may think it will possibly kill me. Today is looking like one of those days. The eve of finals for both the husband and I. I have an Adult Health I and Abnormal Psychology exam in am and the husband has his driving exam for Georgia Driving Academy. The timing for the updated blog couldn't have come at a better time as we embark on our next, newest adventure + change of career and academia!
April and Dominique had baby appointment #3 and we was hoping for a sex of the 3rd grandchild. No luck today the lil booger was being stubborn and would have none of it. So we hope and wait unitl next month, all else fails we will know for definite approximately the first week of October!
So on the eve of finals, I was hoping for some down time at work (I usually skate out before 2pm when encountering downtime) of course of all days.... We have a nurse break her leg and going to be out for some time....??? As if we had a nurse to spare..
Home late, ATI and Evolve stuff to post to discussion boards... Just in time, I ran outta wine! Good thing I got all of those posted just moments before.
All the while in the midst, Kennesaw Admissions called to check on me!! Yeaa, they were calling to congratulate me on acceptance to the Sociology Program and see if I had any questions prior to registering, boy did she get an earfull of questions.... of course the bottle of wine helped bring them out! I bet she was wondering why she hadn't called sooner..

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