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Lovin Life
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Sunday, November 23, 2014

More adventures, we do say! Prayers for change...

Wow, so it has been over a year... REALLY I have been meaning to update this blog, but I have continually let life get in our way. Lots of things have come and GONE, all things gone are not always missed, all things that have come have truly been blessings. I will be updating pics on this blog, that will be your first indicator to those that may have come or gone!

Let me start by updating ya'll on the kids first, probably in order that I should have been updating you a year ago! I will do my best to list them chronological, but it has been over a year and my demented brain barely works after 24 hours have past.
 First off we welcomed that wonderful grandson into this world ( to whom has already celebrated his first birthday) Trenton DeVonte, he is so precious. It is unfortunate that he now lives so far away, but close in our hearts! April has relocated to be closer to (the babies daddy & family) in poedunk Georgia, she is also trying to find her own way... although her mother doesn't agree with alot of things her mother and her "muffin" are very supportive of her choices.

Nicolas returned from Afghanistan in January- February time frame and we was able to go up and spend a few days in the cabin with him, Robyn, Anthony and Lia. We went snow tubing and had a great time! It was great to just catch up and spend some time out of the truck (more about that later).

Robyn and Anthony relocated from Vermont to New Hampshire, we wasn't totally convinced that was a great idea for them, but totally supportive of their adult choices.

Michelle has graduated high school and still trying to find her own way. We are mending fences currently, it has been a broken relationship for a long time, so it is going to be equally lengthy to complete the healing process.

Jenifer has relocated from Germany to South Carolina, has divorced Fritz and graduated with her first degree, she is currently working on her second. We are extremely proud of her accomplishments. We too had a broken relationship and loving the fact we can now try to mend these fences too. We had our first visit with Dallas back in the late summer and was able to hang out for a few days, we went bowling and to the mall, short and sweet visit but it was a start to a NEW!

Truck driver- officially... So late October of 2013 I was able to pass my CDL, and boy was it a feat. I hired on Werner to team truck drive with the hubby in November. So pretty much immediately we signed on to go to the Canadian Division and that pretty much ended my blogging, and any sort of communication life that we had as we had verizon and the data was unbelievable in Canada. So in a nutshell every storm that passed through, let me help you remember.... Atlas, Boreas, Cleon, Dion, Electra, Falco, Gemini, Hercules, Ion, Janus, Kronos, Leon, Maximus, Nika, Orion, Pax, Quintus, Rex, Seneca, Titan, Ulysses, Vulcan, Wiley, Xenia, Yona, Zephyr.....well maybe not all of them we was sent into the eye of, but I am pretty damn sure we was sent right in the middle of most of them, or so it felt. We was stranded and broke down more times than I ever care to recant. So after a RECORD amount of snow and storm seen in Canada, we had decided we definitely was not relocating to a snowy area, so New England and Canada was OUT!

So I was scheduled for some outpatient surgery and on the down hill mend... well in the process we had asked for some few days out of several months off and was given the ultimate run around, I am being gentle by not giving you all of the details... but needless to say we are SICK of this company and ready for some changes, well we prayed, and prayed and prayed some more for change. What happens when you pray for change, YEP you guessed it. YOU GET CHANGE.

Don't complain when its not the change you expect!

We had started looking for a home to buy in Tennessee, been through the area we was considering. Started seriously looking and signed a contract on our DREAM HOME. Well it was at the time what we thought our dream home! It was a 1 bedroom 1 bath all cypress home on 12 acres in the middle of no where poedunk Tennessee. SIGNED, SEALED...... screeching effect here..... NOT DELIVERED. We got through the entire process, home inspection, new stove, various other improvements, just a week before closing and the lender says the underwriter says, we don't have REAL JOBS!!! WHAT ARE YOU FREAKIN (didn't use that nice word) KIDDING ME!!??!!

True Story- the lender of not only one company but TWO, agreed that in order for this dream to e a reality we had to quit our not so real jobs, come in off the road and get hourly jobs and try to ask again for lending. We seen through this but decided that we would do just like they suggested. We seen that the next time around they would say "why would you quit your job", but they reassured us that wouldn't happen. OK, yeah well... remember back up there we prayed for change. WELL we kept praying and we asked for signs, like if we find jobs then we take that as a sign to stay off the road, if we find housing, and the list goes on.

Doors and opportunities like we never seen before opened and of course closed, we was praying ( and continue to) pray for change

So we moved into a hotel, no really we did our first one was in Goodlettsville but due to the location the prices was steep like $400/ week. So we set out to find a more economical one... In Columbia, which is where everything we owned was in storage, so we continued to pray... and things started or should we say continued to happen. BOOM, we had an apartment and the hubby was offered an amazing job at Lowes, but we didn't have much to move. I guess that too was a blessing, we had given everything away and had to start fresh, new state, new jobs, new careers to some degree, new everything... literally!

But the blessings or prayers haven't stopped.

So I had pretty much gave up on nursing when I went to school to get my CDL, I had seen all I ever cared to see, done everything I had ever cared to do, and pretty much given up on humanity. As a nurse you have to become calloused to things, people and even yourself at times and that was not the person I wanted to be, I am a very heartfelt, loving, compassionate person... I had become hard hearted and feeling taken advantage of all too often. I used to see it in older nurses and never understood it. Now I do. So after trucking and not dealing with what I would consider to be professionals, don't get me wrong they are professional drivers, not professional nurses.... HUGE DIFFERENCE! I now appreciate both. So to tell you my faith has become a little restored, comes in an answered or unanswered prayer, however you look at it. So your dying to know I was forced back into nursing as we live in hillbilly country and they don't think women should drive big trucks even if they hold a Class A CDL. And even had a hard time or what I would call a hard time finding a nursing job, but this isn't just any nursing job. This is a job that I would not have considered in a million years, why I don't know... was there no supply and demand where I was from, do they have a bigger than normal population of this type of "persons served". I don't know, I don't know, I don't know. But I do know that these individuals have needs, wants, attitudes and personalities just like you and I. I have been given an opportunity to serve these unique individuals and I am still not sure, but I believe one thing tends to lead to another, just like my story!!

So with my new job that I started around June- things quickly turned from a dream job to a reality nightmare, I recall calling it on facebook, I won't bore you with the details but long story shortened a bit, this new job working with intellectual and developmental  disabled persons is a serious need of persons to tend persons on varying degrees of care. Seeking out a new job/ career but liking to stay within this field wasn't a task to terrible to undertake. So I set out to find others ( same field, different company models). Hear is where I tell you about our latest attempted adventure/ undertaking....

We are in the process of yet ANOTHER move, only to move again in the spring... hmmm, we must love to move?? Well we currently are in an upstairs apartment, it isn't considered handicapped friendly. Downstairs we move in the next month, to a ground floor, handicap friendly apartment. To date of this typing, we are going to have a "roommate" move in in the next month or so as long as things move along as they have. Of course, tons of hoops to jump through when taking on such an adventure. My job title will change from nurse to Lifestyle Family Teacher, in laymans terms I will be a stay at home mom to an adult with disabilities. I am expecting tons of challenges and adventures to say the least but we are hoping to improve the quality of someones life (possibly our own). This is a huge ordeal and it literally will change our lives. Our hopes and prayers is that is a beneficial change for everyone affected.

Our dreams of being homeowners in Tennessee hasn't changed, just some minor setbacks for now. When it is our time, it will happen. When it happens you will know!!