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Lovin Life
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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Good news for me

So there I was hauling for Target en route back from Memphis Tn to Madison Al. Madison Al?!?! Dont bother looking it up, it's as my bride would say tee-nine-nee... aka very small. So again im headed east in nowhere northernmost Mississippi and my trainer Ron tells me that of the mandatory 275 hours I need to complete training,  I have driven 77 hours. Ok, now that doesn't sound like a lot of driving time right?  Well to put it in to perspective,  I got on the truck Friday morning the 17th of June.  Now, I have had 4 days off and one day with only 5 hours of drive time.  Figuring out the the average milage I came up with just about 638 miles a day.  Still doesn't sound like a lot to most huh? Well my drive day is 10 hours and 45 minutes. DOT doesn't allow for anything more than that.  Now this also includes traffic `drop and hook` the trailer and drive through cities. Now my `home`is just about 200 square feetof shared living space.  Including sink less kitchen,  and a bunk bed. At least the commute from work to home is short.  Bbbaaaahhhhhaaaaaaaa. But yesterday the size of the of the truck came into perspective.  I parked on the side of a store and a Dodge Ram pulled along side. Well it went from being a full size,  to a Tonka toy. Damn,  what a wake up call.  80 feet long and 80, 000 pounds is a LONG and HEAVY vehicle. Now after careful consideration and deliberation I have named this beautiful beast Monique.  Idk why but it seems appropriate a name as ever. Im getting ready to stop and shower at the Love`s truck stop in Falkville Al, again do not look for it on a map. Its not but a one horse,  45 truck type of town. I must bid you a good morning/evening,  and close encounters of the 4 wheel kind is a preview name of the next blog.

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