Lovin Life

Lovin Life
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Midway through hell week

So it is now midway through my first week of training. The first thing that can be said is that  my trainer is just like me. If you can forgive his southerness, and his warped sense of humor.  We started the week on a high note, making excellent miles and earning hime a decent amount of money,  well then Mr Murphy showed himself and his cousin Karma had stowed away with us. Now I had forewarned Ron of the dynamic duo and their insistence on keeping me company. As the miles rolled on under my big tires, I realized that I may have been wrong about Mr Murphy tagging along for the adventure.  NOPE!  WRONG AGAIN.  I ran over a re-tread in the parking lot, and sliced an 8 inch hole in the sidewall of the trailer tires. Thankfully Karma lent me a hand preventing a blowout on the highway.  Gettin the next run proved to be a chore in itself.  Off to Baton Rouge. Baton Rouge means gumbo, boudain, and jumblia. Well I found it, but I also found it at a bad time. Couldn't stop to partake in the culinary delightfulness, dammit.  Got a promise that next time we will find the time.  SOLD! !! Next trip headed down, Ron is hauling .... well going fast as truck will allowed and as we get to wherever it is we are the alternator locks up ?!?! Andthe serpentine belt snaps.  Hey look who it is, Mr Murphy has reminded me that he and I are inseparable buddies.  So we return to the distribution center after a 9 hour delay and find out that the load for Baton Rouge has been taken by another driver. Chalk another one for Murphy.  But wait there's more.  Do you know that it's HOT in these trucks without any air conditioning? do you know that it's HOT in the south right now? So NOW IM CRANKY. Oh and I have no COFFEE either. Alright,  acceptance of changes that you can not control is part of the job.  So im going to continue to practice backing up between parked trailers. Ron enjoys the additional stress added to an already stressful day of trying to not run into or over other vehicles on the road. I am headed to Memphis tn and I will be there just about lunchtime.  Can you say BBQ? Oh I can and will. I told Ron that I am a stomach thinker.  If we are able to, I want to participate in the culinary delightfulness of some backwood, off the map, known only to the local restaurant that will blow my socks off with how good their food is.  I have until the last weekend of June and I will be done and off of Ron's truck readying myself and my very own powder blue Werner for my love to join me. The road calls me and I am not able to ignore the gypsy that runs through these veins of mine. Seeing as much as I have and what little time I've spent driving,  I've found that little bit of happiness that will be a lot better when Chasity gets her bum in gear and gets her license.  I will post some pics from my adventure as soon as I can figure out how to do it.  As I have learned a new mantra `keep the greasy side down and the shiny side up`

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