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Lovin Life
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wrap this up

as the title says wrap this up my time with my trainer is just about over. It is been a very long 5 weeks of shitty roads, loss of sleep, shitty food, and in general living with a complete stranger and very close quarters for 5 weeks has taken its toll on not only me but the guy who was stuck with me. thank God my army training has prepared me for this. It was more than one time when I was ready to inflict grievous bodily harm on him and I'm sure he was ready to try and push me out of the truck while it was moving at a high rate of speed. Unfortunately in our travels I am one of those people that want to stop see things and try different things. While in the very heart of Louisiana cuisine I wanted to have some gumbo some boudin andother Cajun delicacies. So after directing my trainers traffic and telling him that next time we are in the area we have to stop because I am going to get said gumbo and boudain. well needless to say my trainer had other ideas. It is damn near impossible to turn an 80's foot tractor trailer around after he passes the only restaurantsof said Cajun cuisine. So after waiting weeks which seems like it was years I was not able to get any. Okay change in plans I'm flexible, I will kill you later, whatever let's keep on rolling down the road. So we got a shipment to West Memphis Arkansas also known as Jonesboro I don't know why the city has two names but it does so what the hell who cares. While driving west into the sunset I realize that there's more to life then being upset over little things. Now I know this I've experienced a lot of disappointments in my life and have had carrots dangled in front of to tote a load that I thought was too heavy but I complished what I needed to. See the sunset, seeing those around me that had less than I do, and watching some of those less fortunate that were around me made me realize that though I didn't get the boudain and gumbo I was going to be OK but I was still pissed off. Now for a change of pace I have to explain to you that West Memphis and/or Jonesboro Arkansas is 1 hell of a prostitute haven. In our trip from Madison Alabama to Memphis Tennessee back to Madison Alabama through Memphis Tennessee again into West Memphis and/or Jonesboro Arkansas we were not going to have enough fuel to make it back to Madison Alabama so we have to stop at certain truck stops that Warner Enterprises authorize. One of those is a loves truck stop. well I like coffee my coffee, Nay I love my coffee, and it is free at loves because I have a professional driver reward card. Professional driver what the hell were they thinking? But I digress, I walked towards the door to go in and purchased coffee. There was a gauntlets of [I'll be nice and call them women others would call them whores] trying to sell their wares to those that dare to venture into the pit of of ill repute.as I was able to fend off the advances of those more worldly than I, I noticed that of the five showers available to truck drivers for a fee or if you are a professional driver you are allowed 1 shower every 50 gallons of diesel purchased. one of these shower rooms are being utilized by the local working ladies. so with my past military training I was able to about face and extract myself from the hostile zone. by the time I got back to the truck my trainer stated the pumps were not working anyways that we needed to go on to a different stop. That is not a problem let us get out of Dodge. so we get back on the highway headed east towards the mighty Mississippi and after crossing into Mississippi we pull off to another Loves .again this is the only place we can stop that Warner allows us to in this area. After seeing the condition of the truck stop I'm ready to go to Home Depot and buy a link of garden hose and start siphoning diesel to avoid this kind of place. But with no Home Depot insights I have to fuel up here. No sooner I get the fuel pump running I get approached but what appears to be a woman? I questioned it is only because as I observed its gait, it almost tripped 3 times on its own shoes. Immediately the hand when up in a stop gesture and I said I am all set go away. Fueling what seemed like 2000 plus gallons ended and I need coffee. If I did not get coffee I'm going to kill somebody. And I can hide the evidence and body. I don't care whose body somebody's gonna get hurt if I don't get my coffee. So again I'm going to go through a gauntlet of I don't know what but I had to make it through this time. I walk into the building this time and my trainer is on my 6. I get asked hey sweetie are you spending the night here do you want company? I looked at said Jezebel and with a straight face pointed back to my trainer who had no idea what the hell was going on and said yeah him and I are spending the night together here.I got my coffee and left without further incident. So if you're ever in the Memphis Tennessee or West Memphis / Jonesboro Arkansas area and you need gas or fuel take your chances and go elsewhere. As of Monday I will be officially on my own tearing up the roads of the 48 States and Canada. Wish me luck and I hope these blogs are as enjoyable to you as they are to me. And as a side note my grammar really isn't this bad, I'm talking to text.

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