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Lovin Life
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Saturday, June 15, 2013

The first day of the rest of your life, child...

Well, it seems this should be the happiest moments of our lives? Our youngest child has graduated high school today. Although we are not there in person to see it through, we are there in spirit somewhat. As we really are excited to see through this milestone in more ways than most people can imagine. Several years ago when the children were approximately 13, 13, 14, 17, 17, of course depending on what time of the year we are talking, we had laughed and talked about how far this day seemed! Well, that has been 5 years ago, and the time sure does fly when you having fun or not necessarily having fun either! As you must know we always try to look on the bright side of things and of course have fun. I started this memoire with some hatred in my heart of what this joyous day means to us, but for the life of me, I cannot let that or those persons steal my or my husbands joy. WE endured a terrible divorce and nasty drawn out custody of who deserved what children, looking back from the end of this very day.... It happened exactly the way it was supposed to and the children are exactly where they are supposed to be too! I am and I know I speak for husband in volumes of this, we are extremely happy to be a part of our childrens lives, the ones that let us "in". And well for the rest, good luck on your journeys as you will need it. True Story, I have always said, you will need me, before I need you.

As for an update on the husband, not much has changed with his life with his trainer, I was able to steal away a weekend with him, not so long ago. WE really enjoyed each others company, as we always do. We actually despise being away from each other. So that in itself has brought about some more changes taking effect very soon. I will be out of work do to some extensive bodily repairs.. endodontist/ OBGYN, funny they are getting me a both ends near the same time. I let myself get wore down until I can go no more and then I must go in for a tune up. Everyone around here gets them, so no surprise its my turn. But as soon as that is done, I will be joining him on his truck as soon as possible. I think we have mutually agreed to put off my training until after we return from Vermont in August after the family reunion. After the "fun" he endured on the truck with his trainer, I have decided if it is at all possible, I want my husband to train me. So for this to happen, he has to be on his own for however long they decide. So after he gets his truck it is the waiting game! As it stands, he will know more earlier in the week, he is supposed to be done training this upcoming week! So in the meantime, just wait for the next update!

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