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Lovin Life
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Monday, July 1, 2013

First day of the next chapter

Sunday embarked another First in our lives, the husband was released from his trainer and set loose in hotlanta to seek out what new adventure awaited him..WOW, that about sums it up. His first truck assigned, had something wrong with it, oh yea... they searched the lot up and down and duh, it wasn't even there. So they assigned him another truck, they found it but might have been better off if they hadn't! It was driven by a smoker and wreeked of cigarettes, nastyness and other stuff, bad news brakes are bad, leaky shocks and some pump not working on top of no fuse for cigarette lighter outlet? So how did he light all those cigarettes? So much for off to a good start, my husband says ww, we will start again fresh in the morning. WW means between husband and I, WHATEVER, WHATEVER!! We use that phrase amongst ourselves when we are talking about something that is usually beyond our control and it consumes more time to worry about it, than it is actually worth. 

So, before my husband set out on this journey- believe it or not- he was doing some research to see what company offered the best this and that and just reading what was on the internet about OTR drivers and their experiences, and we came across someones "blog" that was actually quiet hiliarious it went along the line of describing me and uptight, person with severe OCD as the wife and just like my husband, the man was laid back and like whatever comes his way he was ok with it!. The story was funny and sounded alot like ours whereas the wife was upset that he had been granted a POS truck and the husband was so happy because he actually got a truck, we giggled about that story last night and how it was coming true for us too!

As it turns out today, his truck was fixed last night and he was granted "move in" status! So early this afternoon he was awaiting orders from the fleet manager to get his first load. After I came home from work, I had phoned him with some good news from the mail box, while we are on the phone chatting he gets a beep-beep-beep, he says hold on, .... standing by... he comes back on, he has mutually good news.. his first load, he has orders for his first load to Douglas, GA !! Yea, he says "I always knew you was good karma"
So as I update the blog this evening, I am anxiously awaiting the phone call to meet him somewhere to pick him up, as he has no where to park the truck at the house. He picks up a load in Albany in AM and is set for Ft. Lauderdale, FL. <phone rings NO LIE, after this, and guess what>  SAVE as DRAFT, off to Tifton to meet my hubby because he doesn't have enough hours to drive to Albany tonite. Well, actually that was now a few nites ago, and am picking up where I left off.. BOY, wheew what a last few days I have had...

So for what was supposed to be a nice quiet evening with my husband home after over 6 weeks of him not being home, soon turned into a nightmare. At 3:30 am, Cleopatra is sick, well she has had an upset stomach with vomiting and loose stools for over a day at this point, going into the third day. She loves to get into the trash, eat everything, lick frogs or whatever she can get in her mouth. I swear, if it doesn't eat her, she will surely try to eat it..So initially I did not get alarmed by her sickness, as usually in a day or so she is back to normal. Well, this time its different, she is having bloody stools and she isn't able to control it. Red flags start going off, due to we lost a chihauhau back several years ago and more recently our baby Napoleon contracted Parvo and was successfully treated although both dogs had been previously vaccinated, it doesn't really matter they can still get it. So you guessed it, we was sure that is what was going on. So the first phone call to the vet to see if I could give her some "human" phenergan to hold the vomiting to a minimum. The vet is wonderful as she always is, said yes of course and give it rectally if needed. Done that, no success in either direction. The loose stools are now projectile and its call the vet back or take my husband to Phoebe for a heart attack or stroke, as this is his dog and he isn't handling this stress very well. SO another phone call to the vet at 4:00am, I tell her what is going on and advise her, we are enroute with Cleopatra. So donned in a diaper and so softs and towels covering my car..... off we go. BUT FIRST, I have to take Christian back to the truck in Tifton, because he has a pick up in Albany that morning. So off to Valdosta, its a 2 hour drive one way to our vet from our new residence. We refuse to change vets and few other services due to our loyalty to their great service. Thinking the worst in our minds, both husband and I are literally sick too. Dropped the husband off and of course Cleo is still drinking water and constantly wretching it back up. Thankful she still has the urge to drink in order to attempt hydration. Before 7am, I am at the vets office awaiting the Dr, I have explained to the staff my recent phone convos with Dr Hiers that am. They know our worst fears and come in immediately and start doing tests on her. Thankful that I am there with her and she is going to be taken care of, I am a bit relieved!
Days later, literally.... as I have had some moments in time to update this, Cleopatra is back home and after 5 days of antibiotics and 4 other drugs, she is MUCH better!!!

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