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Lovin Life
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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Are those Farm animals?

A few weeks have passed and lots and lots have changed again, it surely doesn't take long around our house for changing scenery. We have since had a very cold winter and some freak snow storm and another chance few 3 or 5 snow squalls. Looks like the seasons are trying to change and with the change we too are ready for warm weather.
We have bought our first 3 meat rabbits- Californians, they are breed for meat and that is their intended purpose. We have kinda named them as they are they ones we are not going to slaughter initially. We couldn't keep track of who's who, so we ended up marking them with a permanent marker on their forehead until we could separate them. Turns out we have Bleu- he is the buck, but he was so tiny, half the size of the medium one, he has earned Lil Bleu. The medium sized one ended up with an orange mark on her head- I have searched for a french orange name and have only come up with orange. So Orange has kinda stuck with her for now. maybe she will be Ginger? The largest bunny did not receive a mark, but she has earned her name as Big Mamma, she lays around like a a Big Mamma- always in the food trough and huge next to the other too.
Christian and bunny on ride home

Bunny Selfies!

Trio- has settled into their almost furever home
After about 2 weeks after the bunnies arrived- we also received our first order of chicks! We are scheduled to receive the second order in May - we want chickens and guineas, that is another aggravating story I won't relive today, but know chicks and guineas do not hatch at the same time so you get what they have when they have it. Long story short, we now have 2 orders and will have to raise chicks again in May. It actually worked out pretty good as our first order gave us 17 chicks (we ordered 15) they send extra in case you have some that do not make the journey. Fortunately all of them made it just like troopers! And after reading about guineas- they need chicks to teach them certain things so, we have 5 guineas coming and 10 more chicks. In the meantime, we get to learn from these wonderful little precious ones. 

So here we are busy- living the FARM LIFE dream....

Chicken Selfies too! 
The solid black is unknown sexed
 Barred Rock and the yellow black
is a pullet Black Astralorp.

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